5 days roundtrip


This roundtrip offers a general view of the Senegal: landscapes, extending as far as the eyes can see, the Lac Rose (Pink Lake) and its unique colors, strings of dunes at the Desert of Lompoul, meanderings of the Saloum, Fadhiout Island built on a heap of shells and its particular community lifestyle, the animal reserve of Bandia, where you can observe animals in their natural environment.

It is a stay specially elaborated for relax and discovery. It allows a full revitalization and recharging at the rhythm of senegalese life.

We can move away from the paths and discover a bush fully preserved, where different communities are living in harmony and practicing their traditions as well as customs.

Lodging in traditional houses and Mauritanian tent.

Possibility of bivouac in the Ferlo for admiring the simplicity of local architecture in perfect integration with the nature.

Landscape and spatial inspiration (1)

Baobabs: Landscape and spatial inspiration (2)

Integrity and space

Day 1: EUROPE–AIBD Airport–MBOUR (45 km/ 30mn)

Welcome and assistance at the airport.

Transfer of Participants to the Petite Côte (Little Coast).

Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel or similar accommodation structure.


After the meeting of information, departure for visiting the great mammals living in the reserve (giraffes, rhinoceros, antelopes, monkeys,…).

Way to Fadhiout Island built on a heap of shells. The charm of the village is the lack of delimitation between the houses.

Overnight stay at Palmarin in the holiday cottage of Yoyam or similar accommodation structure.

Majestic giraffe (Natural reserve of Bandia)

Rhinoceros (Natural reserve of Bandia)

Seashell mixed cemetery:  Muslin and Christian (Fadiouth island, village of the Serere community)

Day 3: PALMARIN – SIMAL (40 km/ 1h)

Sea link by motorized pirogues for discovering the fauna and flora consisting mainly of mangrove forests.

In the afternoon, way down to Simal at  the border of Saloum.

Cart cruise for visiting the village.

Overnight stay at the eco–lodge of Simal or similar accommodation structure.

Mangrove forest (Saloum islands)

Jour 4: SIMAL–LOMPOUL (110 km/ 3h)

Way on for crossing the large plain and savannah of Senegal.

Departure for discovering the small villages inhabited by the community Serer practicing the traditions jealously preserved.

Overnight stay in a Mauritanian tent at the eco–lodge of Lompoul or similar accommodation structure.

Rhythms and juvenile learning (1)

Rhythms and juvenile learning (2)

Day 5: LOMPOUL – LAC ROSE – MBOUR (245 km/3h 30mn)

Way and path to reach Lac Rose.

Meeting with collectors of salt.

Lunch and way back to Petite Côte (Little Coast).

Desert of Lompoul (1)

Desert of Lompoul (2)

Desert of Lompoul (3)

Desert of Lompoul (4)

Desert of Lompoul (5)

Lac Rose (Pink Lake), (1)

Lac Rose (Pink Lake) : artisanal excavation of salt (2)

Lac Rose (Pink Lake) – transportation of salt (3)

After lunch, relax at the Palmarin.

Late evening, way to the airport AIBD.