8 Days roundtrip


Casamance is a region of highly multicultural, diverse and attractive ethnicity for tourists. A generous nature initiates a harmonious succession  of arborized savannah landscapes, heavy tropical forests, mangroves trees buried into lagoons, rice fields surrounded by palm trees, beautiful virgin beaches under the shade of coconut palm trees.

In the fullness of this beauty, some communities: Mandingos, Diolas, Baïnouks, Mankagnes … are living in perfect symbiosis with the nature in villages of a unique architecture in Africa. These villages are isolated in the heavy forests or under giant and majestic trees: houses of the impluvium type, with colonnades or with floors (but on clay).

Artisanal (Traditional) harvest of rice (Casamance)

Majestic kapok tree (Bantan Woro) and branch ramifications

Majestic kapok tree (Bantan Woro) and root system

Tradition and ceremonies – vivacity (Casamance)

The King of Oussouye (Casamance)

Sunset – inspiration, imagination et thought

The traditional faith is constantly present: altars and temples dedicated to ancients under sacred trees, where wise men teach ancestral traditions at the shade of millennial kapok trees. The ceremonies are followed by ritual dances and specific rhythms.

Participants will take the advantage of this roundtrip, where the feelings are shared at each while with the populations. Starting from Dakar, you discover the Saloum Islands, classified by UNESCO as the World Heritage of humanity and considered among the most beautiful bays in the world. You will be visiting also the animal reserve of Bandia.

The hut called «impluvium» – Cohabitation of several families and specific social space management

Day 1: EUROPE– AIBD Airport – LAC ROSE (40km) 1h

   Welcome and assistance at the airport.

Transfer to Lac Rose at Salim’s hotel or similar accommodation structure.

Overnight stay in air conditioned compartments.


Meeting with the collectors of salt.

Departure to the animal reserve of Bandia located in the centre of an immense forest of baobabs, where giraffes, rhinoceros, buffalos, monkeys,… etc live free and in harmony.

Lunch and start to reach Simal.

Overnight stay nearby the border of the lake Saloum at the eco–lodge or similar accommodation structure in Simal .

Lac Rose (Pink Lake), (1)

Lac Rose (Pink Lake) : artisanal (traditional) excavation of salt (2)

Lac Rose (Pink Lake): salt transportation (3)

Day 3: SALOUM – THE GAMBIA – ZIGUINCHOR (380 km/ 5h 30mn)

Departure early in the morning and way to the Gambian border. The more we move down to the South, the most the vegetation becomes dense and then the landscape changes.

After police and custom formalities, the trip continues to the Casamance.

Picnic at the shade of tall trees along with the trip.

Arrival and installation at the hotel Le Kadiandoumagne or similar accommodation structure in Ziguinchor.

Saloum islands (1)

Saloum islands (2)

Saloum islands (3)


A small round at the city allows reaching the farm in Djibelor. The farm occupies an area of 30 ha. The first aim of this farm is the production of tropical fruits. It hosts also a great diversity of birds and a «nursery» for crocodiles.

Departure to Cap Skirring.

Arrival and installation at the hotel Maya or similar accommodation structure.

In the afternoon, swimming and relax at the beach.

Day 5: CAP SKIRING – MLOMP – DIANNAH (152km /3h)

From Cap Skirring, trip to Mlomp.

Visiting houses built of clay (banco) by the Diolas Kassa

You should admire also the majestic and sacred kapok trees of the village.

Visiting the small Diola museum, where we observe several animal skulls  describing the great importance of sacrifices in the traditional faith.

Arrival and installation at a Mandingo traditional habitation style in Diannah. A private apartment of three rooms and sitting room is expected for welcoming the Guests.

A unique experience for a user–friendly meeting with inhabitants of the whole entity.

The art of building – house of clay (banco), (Mlomp)

Kapok tree at Mlomp: conviviality with inhabitants


For those who wish to meet closely the local population, Kalifa and his family offer a unique experience of sharing the daily activities of the Mandingo community.

Visit by pirogue sea link of the ornithological reserve of Kassel.

Lunch in Kafountine at the hotel Esperanto or similar service structure.

Swimming and relax at the sand beach.

In the afternoon, observing the arrival of fishermen at the fishing port of Kafountine.

Evening of Kora music with a family atmosphere. The meeting is animated by a traditional Mandingo griot, native of the village.

Day 7: DIANNAH–PALMARIN (347km/4h 30 min)

Crossing The Gambia, a small english colony in the centre of Senegal.

Stops (Breaks) as necessary for meetings along with the whole trip.

Jour 8: SALOUM – AIRPORT AIBD (140 km /2h 30 min)

Breakfast and lunch at Palmarin (Saloum islands)

Relax at the beach of The Palmarin.

Diner at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Let yourself be caught by the beauty and diversity of a genuine nature.