8 Days roundtrip


In between the river and Atlantic Ocean, the desert and the savannah; the unique colors of the Lac Rose (Pink Lake) constitute a real natural curiosity. Moving for the discover of the city Saint Louis with its colonial houses, crossing through the green Delta of the Saloum consisting basically of dense mangrove forests.

We offer you a beautiful and unique occasion of sincere meetings and exchanges with inhabitants for keeping incredible emotions you have experienced in Africa.

Day 1: EUROPE – AIBD Airport – LAC ROSE (40km /45mn)

Welcome and assistance at the airport.

Transfer to the Lac Rose (40 km / 1h).

Overnight stay in air conditioned rooms at Salim’s hotel or similar accommodation structure.

Lac Rose (Pink Lake), (1)

Lac Rose (Pink Lake): artisanal (traditional) excavation of salt (2)

Lac Rose (Pink Lake): transportation of salt (3)


After the meeting with the collectors of salt, we start the journey by 4×4  to the animal reserve of Bandia located in the centre of an immense forest of baobabs, where rhinoceros, buffalos, gazelles, monkeys and warthogs,  … are living altogether freely and in harmony.

Lunch in Thies and way to reach the most beautiful desert in Senegal.

Walk or cruise on dromedary on great sand dunes at sunset.

Evening with special percussion on Djembé (Tam–tam).

Overnight stay at a lodge in Lompoul in large Mauretanian tents or similar accommodation structure.

Desert of Lompoul (1)

Desert of Lompoul (2)

Desert of Lompoul (3)

Desert of Lompoul (4)

Desert of Lompoul (5)

Day 3: LOMPOUL – SAINT–LOUIS (145 km 2h)

Discovery of the city Saint–Louis, ancient capital of the French Western Africa (Afrique Occidentale Française – AOF).

Cruise by cart within the old town and visit of historical sites.

Overnight stay in the hotel Diamarek (or similar accommodation structure) at the Langue de Barbarie. This place is a narrow sand band in between the river Senegal and the Atlantic Ocean.

Cart services in Saint Louis

Historical and cultural city – Saint Louis (1)

Historical and cultural city – Saint Louis (2)

Day 4: SAINT–LOUIS – KOBA (200 km/3h)

Driving down to the senegalese pastoral zones, the heartlands of stock breeders of the community Peuls. They manage immense herds of cattles zébus, sheeps and goats.

Bivouac at the heart of the village of the community Peul, the tents (or similar accommodation structure) should be dispersed within the families for enabling integration and next savouring the quiet and  atmosphere of the savannah.

Baobabs: Landscape and spatial inspiration

Integrity and space

Day 5: KOBA – SALOUM (180 km/ 2h 30mn)

After visiting the traditional rural market, we move for admiring the great Mosquee of the dense and spiritual city Touba, where the Islam has been embracing the full traditions of Africa.

The roundtrip crosses small villages inhabited by the community Serer, who have eagerly preserved their culture and traditional faith.

Overnight stay at the eco–lodge (or similar accommodation structure) of Simal nearby the river Saloum.

Mosque – Touba (1)

Mosque – Touba (2)

Woman of the community Peulh – braiding and tatoo..

Nomad family in relocation: tradition and harmony

Day 6: ECOLODGE OF SIMAL – SALOUM (40 km/ 45mn)

Saloum is a large ecosystem of lagoons connected to the Atlantic Ocean.

A sea link by motorized pirogues allows discovering the fauna and flora extremely well protected.

In the afternoon, relaxing cruise by cart for visiting the fully unrevealed side of the eco–lodge of the village Simal.

Overnight stay at the eco-lodge (or similar accommodation structure) in Simal.

Day 7: ESTUARY OF SALOUM (40 km/ 1h)

The roundtrip moves down to Djiffer, where the river Saloum sinks into the Atlantic Ocean.

Crossing of the wonderful palm grove of Sambadia, the specific living zone of animal (cattles, sheeps, goats) breeders of the community Peuls.

In the afternoon, refresh and relax at the beach of Palmarin.

Overnight stay at the lodge of Yokam or similar accommodation structure.

Day 8: PALMARIN–DAKAR (150 km/ 3h)

After the breakfast, way to Dakar.

Round tour of the city Dakar and next taking a lunch.

In the afternoon, boarding in a shuttle for sea link to the Goree Island.

Walk throughout the alleys outlying ancient time.

Dinner and transfer to the airport.

Goree island (1)

Goree island (2)

Goree island (3)

Goree Island: Slaves house – The door for the «No Return » travel (4)


The programs of the first and last days may be interchanged due to flight timetables.