Roundstrip 1 - 15 Days

Day 1: EUROPE – AIBD Airport – LAC ROSE (40km/1h)

Welcoming and assistance at the airport, transfer and overnight stay at Salim, nearby Lac Rose (Pink Lake).

Day 2: LAC ROSE – BANDIA – THIÈS – LOUMPOUL (200km/3 h)

  • Round of the Lake for meeting the collectors of salt.
  • Way up to the Bandia animal reserve.
  • Lunch at the city Thies and way on to reach the most beautiful desert in Senegal.

Day 3: LOMPOUL – SAINT LOUIS (145 km/2h 30mn)

  • After a small walk on the dunes at sunrise, we make the way on to Saint Louis, the ancient capital of Senegal and also a city of the French Western Africa namely Afrique Occidentale Française (AOF).
  • Lunch at a great restaurant in the city.
  • Overnight stay at the hotel Diamarek or similar accommodation structure.

Day 4: SAINT LOUIS –DJOUDJ – SAINT LOUIS (134km/1h 45mn)

  • Arrival at Djoudj in the morning.
  • Making a round by pirogue on the river Senegal.
  • Visiting a Moor village and back to Saint–Louis for lunch.
  • A relax afternoon at the swimming pool of the Diamarek hotel.

Day 5: SAINT– LOUIS – TAMBACOUNDA (385km/4h 40mn)

  • Way to the Eastern Senegal..
  • Visiting the Mosquee of the city Touba.
  •  Meeting with the Peuls, a community group originating from Niger.
  • Overnight stay in Tambacounda at the hotel Oasis or similar accommodation structure.

Day 6: TAMBACOUNDA – MAKO (220 km/2h 20mn)

  • Way on to Mako.
  • A magnificent view over the river Gambia and the washerwomen in their busy activities at the river bank.
  • Overnight stay at the encampment Keur Annick or encampment Badiang, nearby the river Gambia populated with settlements of hippopotamus.

Day 7: MAKO – ANGEL – KÉDOUGOU (40km/1h)

  • For escaping islamisation process, the Bassari and Bédicks communities have taken away at the hills, where they have been practicing for long years ancestral traditions.
  • Walk through the village for meeting these communities in their natural environment.
  • Overnight stay in Kedougou at the hotel le Bédick or similar accommodation structure.

Day 8: KÉDOUGOU – DINDEFELO (35km/1h)

  • Laterite runway for reaching the village Dindefelo at the foot of the hill ground.
  • A 25 min walk directly to the refreshing waterfalls at the heart of a luxuriant forest. There is a possibility of surprising or hearing some settlements of chimpanzees very protected in this region.
  • Overnight stay at the village Dindefelo at the encampment Dogon du Fouta or similar accommodation structure.

Day 9: DINDÉFELO – WASSADOU (253 km/3h 30mn)

  • Departure to reach the village of gold panners at the locality Tomboroncoto. 
  • Installation at the eco–lodge of Wassadou overhanging the river Gambia and the majestic forest populated of monkeys and multicolor birds.
  • Dinner and overnight stay at the encampment hotel of Wassadou or similar accommodation structure.

Day 10: SOUTH – EAST – CASAMANCE (Wassadou– Ziguinchor), (385 km / 5h)

  • Way on to Ziguinchor, the bush is becoming more and more luxuriant.
  • Crossing several villages of the community Peuls, which are settled at the Northern Casamance.
  • Lunch at the city Kolda.
  • Overnight stay and installation near the Casamance river bank at the hotel Kadiandoumagne or similar accommodation structure in the city Ziguinchor.

Jour 11: ZIGUINCHOR – CAP SKIRING  (70km/1h 30mn)

  • Visit of the old city with its colonial architecture et also the fishing port.
  • Crossing through very beautiful landscapes consisting of palm trees and paddy fields for reaching Cap Skirring (seaside resort).
  • Arrival to the hotel in Cap Skirring at noon and lunch.

Day 12: CAP SKIRING – CARABANE (30 mn by car and 1h 30mn by sea link)

  • Boarding into the pirogues at Katakalousse for reaching Carabane island.
  • Visit of the marine cemetery  and the renovated Breton church.
  • Swimming and walking in the afternoon on the immense beach of the island.
  • Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel Carabane or similar accommodation structure.

 Day 13: CARABANE – ZIGUINCHOR (55km/ 1h)

  • Boarding into pirogues and cruising to Elinkine.
  • Way on to Mlomp known for its compartments (houses) of clay (banco) and  giant as well as majestic kapok trees. Visit of the Diola museum.
  • Overnight stay at the hotel Kadiandoumagne (or similar accommodation structure) at the city Ziguinchor.

Day 14: ZIGUINCHOR – SALOUM ISLANDS (385 km/4h 30mn)

  • Departure, early in the morning and cruising to the Northern direction.
  • Crossing the forest of Bounkiling and the Gambian territory along with the Ferry at the site Farafegny.
  • Arrival at the Saloum Island late in the evening.
  • Installation at the eco–lodge of Simal or similar accommodation structure.

Day 15: SIMAL – AIBD AIRPORT – EUROPE (180 km/3h)

  • Wonderful crossing by pirogues or cart for discovering the community Serere in its various cultural facets.
  • Transfer to the AIBD Airport at evening.