MPORTANT: Attendees to particular roundtrips should be 12 years old or more.


NB: The course and length of the itinerary are approximate and do not involve breaks, river and sea passages. The technical state of some routes and pathways in Senegal as well as in The Gambia should be taken into consideration. The best way to experience should be a memorable trip, through!


We leave you the initiative of scheduling your own flights. You will be having the opportunity of starting the batch from Dakar (Senegal) by landing at the Blaise Diagne International Airport (AIBD) or from Banjul (The Gambia), once landing at the Yundum International Airport. There is also a possibility of participating at tourist batches throughout national flights from the city Ziguinchor or Cap Skirring resort.

During batches, Organizers are engaged for ensuring transportation with air-conditioned car or minibus as well as off-road vehicle. The service is specially oriented for satisfying your wishes and will. Refreshing water is available in the cars during the bathes. Our transportation cars are all equiped with car coolers.


All juices, mineral waters at the respective hotels, restaurants, campings and eco-lodges are at full expenses of Participants.


The local guide will be disposing of a cellular phone. Due to the fact, that Senegal is a topographically lowland country, the network is available without complications. First aid kit is installed in each transportation car. Our cars have full insurance.


Our first aim is to organize service on custom-made. We privilege the groups of friends, families, professionals, who naturally used to travel altogether. The size of the group varies from 2 to maximally 14 Participants. This is planified in order to avoid large groups, which frequently experience some difficulties, when visiting some rural sites, particularly.


  • Welcoming and assistance at the airport
  • Accommodation and transportation according to tourist batches
  • Full board
  • Excursions mentioned in the batch programs.

Should you be requesting service details, the price will be made available to you as soon as possible.


Integration within the group:

Efforts should be additionally engaged, irrespective of the uniformity of the group. We will be spending some days in community, therefore concessions are welcome in order to keep the whole integrity of the group. Punctuality is required at places and sites indicated by your guides. Delays make difficult coordinating the timetable earlier scheduled.




We suggest mostly sorptive sacs of about 20 kg gross weight and backpacks for private personal things. You will be responsible for your own things. Exception for Participants requiring assistance and help.


Senegalese menu should be frequently suggested as culinary offer. We consider this as the basic mean for presenting to you the culinary specialties of regions along with batches. We are deeply engaged to serve our dishes adapted to european and international tastes. Groceries are always fresh and originate directly from local producers, fishermen, vegetable gardens at visited sites and places.


In many cases, accommodations involve small infrastructures inspired by traditional architecture of people visited at batches. This is due to care for sustainability  as well as reducing the degradation and devastation of the environment. We will not be outlying our offer for hotels, campings, eco-lodges in order to keep authenticity. Maybe the comfort is not luxury, but greatest care is given to hygiene and welcoming.


T-shirt, pants, shorts, cotton wool light shirts, swimsuit, kerchief, cap or hat. Evenings may be cool from November to February, therefore we recommend some blouse, fleece and socks.


A pair of comfortable shoes for sightseeing, shoes like for basketball and finally a pair of sandals.


Torch, sunglasses, sunscreen cream, mosquito repellent, moist handkerchiefs and  toilet items.


Please await patiently for the consent of people who will be taken on photos or cameras.

NB: In the Casamance region, some sites and objects are forbidden for from making photos or filming, due to cultural and traditional restrictions. The guide of the batch will be keeping you informed.

The Senegalese you will be meeting during batches are susceptible to kindness and behavior. They are people of unquestionable hospitality (Téranga), which is legendary for Senegal. Please be eager in understanding this hospitality, express yourself smiling, greetings, questions,… Make these unique meetings exceptional, candied. Pass across african authenticity.